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**We had to host our merchandise store on another domain.**

Welcome!We wanted to provide our customer "You" with a GREAT Shopping Experience! That means we needed a shopping cart, great product selection, and a website that offered dropped down menus allowing you to move around on the site easily. This is why we are a little late getting our store up! We felt that having higher quality products and a easy to use platform/site for our customers sets us apart from any of our competitors.

We hope you like what we have in our store. Currently we are caring;

  • Men's Regular/Premium/Active Wear Tees
  • Women Cut Regular/Premium/Active Wear Tees
  • Youth Regular/Premium/Active Wear Tees
  • Men's, Ladies, and Youth Hoodies
  • Caps & Beanies
  • Dog Tags, Necklaces, and Coffee Mugs (NEW)
  • Bags (Backpacks, tote bags and etc...)
  • Gift Cards

We chose Shopify Pro & CustomCat to partner with because they provide the platform to give you that Great Shopping Experience and they are offering higher quality garments and provide other unique items not found anywhere else. They are the best platform for us.

Come into our store wearing your item and we will take a picture of you and post it on our website (with your approval of course). We hope that you enjoy what you see on the site.

PS- If you don’t see what you like here and have an idea for a product, please contact Dave at He is always up to creating some cool designs.

Best Wishes- Pattie & Dave

Oh The Possibilities!

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