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CRUSHSnowCream- A first of its kind in NM and the US. We like to say we try very hard to think outside of the box- resulting in a "Great Experience" to our customers. Consequently, that is what our customers are saying and thinking about it.  

"Wow- this taste like nothing we have had before, but it's really fantastic.

It's light, creamy, and satisfying."  

It's not shaved ice, ice cream, nor frozen yogurt. It's the best of All three worlds! You get the fluffy melt in your mouth texture of snow along with a flavorful taste of ice cream with the healthy benefits of frozen yogurt. Yes, most flavors have less calories than its frozen yogurt equivalent. And you get all the probiotics with it.

To make a flavored block we start off with real frozen yogurt as the base, then add milk, fresh ingredients, along with our proprietary ingredient and process. It then goes through a strenuous freezing process where each ice block is flash frozen to an exact temperature. Next each block goes through a delicate curing process to give it a unique texture. We shave the block using the most modern ice shavers money can buy, producing a product that taste like nothing you have had before. 

For those people who are lactose intolerant we have developed several awesome non-dairies flavors. The trick here is to use high quality fruit purees and our proprietary process.  

CRUSHSnowCream has a rich creamy taste with just less than 100-120 calories per serving (4 ounces).  

Our Signature bowls include:

  • The Muhammad Ali
  • The Johnny Tapia
  • The Rocky Balboa
  • The De La Hoya
  • The Ronda Rousey
  • The Holly Holm
  • The Sugar Ray
CRUSH Bowl Sample_edited.jpg

Oh The Possibilities!

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